Dewey Decimal’s Revenge

There was a post on the MG message boards about how difficult credits classifications currently were. Following the thread, one person brought up the example of how public libraries are organized and how librarians must assign categories to everything on the shelf. This is a pretty apt analogy, and one can already see where Mobygames (and other websites) have the advantage by not having to physically place an item in one category or another. Through the awe-inspiring process of database, games belong to several categories which can be searched individually (and actually, now that I think about it… over the past 10 years, the computer catalogs provided by my library have begun to move this way as well. Apply that to classification roles, and we’re back to the original topic.

Okay, I’m rambling away from my main point: Librarians… people who sat down and studied (presumably) and decided what were the base topics to assign things to. In some ways, Mobygames hasn’t done this, and it can be explained by the fact that we were approaching it from the videogame side of things, rather than as a proper library. Having said that, Trixter and others supposedly did sit down and think long and hard about what the initial genres are in any game. One of the random thoughts of the day says something along the lines of: “All games can be traced back to Rogue, Elite or [some other game]” (unfortunately the random thoughts spawn daily and aren’t searchable for me now… when I’m blogging :), which I don’t necessarily agree with… though I can see the intention of that statement. So we’ve done a good job with some things… but I wonder if Mobygames wouldn’t benefit from having someone with an actual Library Sciences (or whatever it’s called) degree on board.

To put things back in perspective though, it could be worse: Kingdom. Phylum. Class. Order. Family. Genus. Species.


2 Responses to Dewey Decimal’s Revenge

  1. Iggy Drougge says:

    Don’t you find it odd that a system of genres has main genres such as “survival horror” and “adult”, but not “drama” or “romance”? Only in the world of video-games…

  2. WildKard says:

    Drama and Romance would both be excellent genres I think. And ones I’ve never thought of until you’ve mentioned it, even though there are games dealing purely with relationships and games dealing with…. hmmm, actually I can’t think of any purely dramatic games at all.

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