Now for a longer rant… :) As I’ve mentioned bef…

Now for a longer rant… 🙂

As I’ve mentioned before, I’d love to have mods featured in the database (or in some subsection of Mobygames), there are some VERY talented designers out there. However it’s a logistics nightmare and isn’t very high on the list of priorities compared to other features that we want to add to Mobygames. We are aware of dozens of games supporting “mods” over the entire history of gaming. To put it in perspective, a game like DOOM has easily several thousand maps, on top of that there are much more full conversions which feature new enemies, new weapons and sometimes even new abilities.

Other mods might feature completely different gameplay options (for instance turn based strategy in an FPS) or new physics hacks (I’ve flown around in jetpacks and seen “squares” of water hovering in the air) or allow the player to bypass limitations (in Elder Scrolls, I’ve tamed a Guar to carry my stuff and owned a house to store it in). They really are as diverse as the games that they make modifications to. And because of this, it’s almost to the task of building a new database system to handle them.

Those are my personal thoughts anyway.


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