Pile of games

If you ask me, Multimedia Mike is doing the right thing on his blog. He’s trying a new game every day from his collection and making a writeup on it. I’m amazed by the large write ups he has going for most of the games he’s playing through however. Despite my reputation for typing up lots of words, I can’t imagine doing content to the length he’s getting on some of these games. Heck, I’ve already got a folder filled with half-written (and often times much less) reviews to different games. Even if he had nothing to do with the MG website, I think the blog is valuable all on it’s own and certainly entertains me when I read it.

I only mention this because, well… I might not have put if this blog if I wasn’t thinking “neat” at his stuff (even though the focus is very different). But more importantly, because I have a stack of 9 PC games sitting off to the left of my monitor (thank CDs aren’t magnetic like floppies :P) that I haven’t played enough and several dozen more in the other room which have either never been installed or haven’t had the effort of enjoyment put in. And that doesn’t even include a couple of console games. And yet for all this stuff in boxes, I’m neglecting it to play *other* games I haven’t played before. For awhile now, I’ve had a friend or two pointing my attention towards some of the more indie games… giving them a shot. For instance, I recently got my hands on Escape Velocity: Nova and have been foolishly trying to play a bit of that, even though I keep ended up destroyed. I have a whole bunch of games downloaded from the Divo Games Website…. of which I’m slowly going through and submitting to Mobygames. For the most part they all seem to be action titles which isn’t a bad thing. They seem to have spaceship explosions well done anyway. It’s strange though that I’d be actively heading on the Internet to get MORE games, when I already have dozens that I own and haven’t played… and more importantly, want to play.

Of course at the same time, there’s these Ubisoft Prince of Persia games… and I have to say, I’m really having a blast. I’ve finished the first 2 of the trilogy and am enjoying them quite a lot. And as such, any time I’m thinking of sitting on the couch to play something, that’s what I’m reaching for. Or a DVD Video.


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