New Game a Day Launch

Ripping off… er… I mean… being inspired by Multimedia Mike‘s efforts… I’m going to start a new feature to my blog. “New Game a Day” (NGAD, if we ever get to the point where slanging it is hip!). Basically the situation is that I own quite a few games that I haven’t gotten around to playing. Some of these were probably impulse buys, others were my curiosity and others I fully intend to play through the entire game… I just haven’t gotten around to it. I also have quite a few friends, who have been sending me lots of “you’ve got to try this” demos of different games, some by larger publishers, others being indy titles. In any case, I’m going to try to upload some screenshots (I need to figure out the best method too… since I’m living on blogspot without my own server domain) and do a mini-review of my first impressions to games I’ve never played before. The secondary goal of NGAD will be to find the weirdest gameplay & experiences possible! Weeee!

Like Mike, a lot of this information will probably be duplicated or enhanced on the website, but there’s always a delay for verification… whereas my blog is much more instant (errors and all! :D)

All NGAD entries will be labeled by the keyword “New Game of the Day” for easy searching.


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