NGAD: Galcon

Galcon’s advertising slogan on the website is “Conquer the Galaxy in 5 minutes” and it’s an apt assessment. The game plays like a simplified real-time version of Risk or other strategy games… without all the brainpower that a strategy game typically requires. The premise is simple: A bunch of planets are placed on the screen and the player who conquers all wins. Unoccupied planets start with a basic “defense” against intruders, which basically identifies how difficult it is to capture. As planets are taken, they produce spaceships which are then used as the attack/defense against the computer’s planets. The bigger planets produce more spaceships (incrementally), so the strategy is to gain control of those first and use it’s resources to fend off the enemy. There is no interstellar battles. There is no starship tactics… the game is simply to send as many tiny spaceships as needed to fortify one’s own planets and to steal those that don’t already belong to you.

A new boardAn enemy attack fleetDivide the fleet… send ships from multiple planetsMany games are available for registered usersThe only limit to the size of the fleet is the size of the screen

Simplistic? Heck yes. Each game takes place entirely on one randomly generated game board. But simplicity is good, as Galcon is easy to pick up and burn several rounds at, trying to gain the upper hand in owning the number of planets. It’s Master of Orion without all the micromanagement of colonies and research and diplomacy. That’s the only strategy there is. The game is completely mouse controlled and fits into 10MB of space.

I started playing Galcon at 10pm and finished at around 11:30pm, after dozens of games. But other than the need to play “just one more round”… it could easily be something to play while on lunch breaks or waiting for a chkdsk or any other time consuming activity.

The full version advertises more different types of games, including the ambitious sounding “3-on-3” and “Herd” modes. As I’m just quickly trying this out based on the recommendation of a friend, I haven’t gone through the process of registration. Certainly all I can comment about is the “basic game” and it’s definitely loads of fun.

For best results… play Holst’s “Mars” from the planet suite (already an overplayed tune I know… especially as I’ve never heard anyone playing any of the other Planet suite tunes), as you watch tiny triangles spew across the galaxy.


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  2. Sciere says:

    All approvers should have a gaming blog, now I have another one to add to my daily read next to Mike’s. Keep it up!

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