The dog ate my hard drive

Some technical difficulties underway. In my personal life, which only marginally affects this blog and has a tiny tiny impact on MobyGames discussion. One of my partitions is experiencing errors. A terrible thing for data loss, but luckily it’s nothing important, just the drive on which I install games. It’s also the drive where I’ve kept quite a bit of screenshots taken of different games.

I’ve quickly whipped up an NGAD entry, for a game I hadn’t planned to mention until later… but which had it’s screenshots stored elsewhere at the moment. In the meantime, there’s some cleanup and salvage I’ll have to do before things are all normal again. Also, since I’ve moved my blog to wordpress I’ve also noticed that I’ll need to reorganize the different tags attached to posts in order to have them make sense. This blog was originally intended as personal observations of the MobyGames project… the NGAD games are just a sideline to that to make life more fun and keep me playing wacky things.

Finally I have a friend taking me out to lunch in order to convince me that HIS website is a worthwhile goal and that I should spend amounts of time on it. All this leisure is hard work.


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