Very delayed “I’m not dead yet” post.

This is the standard “I’m not dead yet, please don’t stop visiting!” post that appears sometimes on blogs that have been inactive for some time. As I write this, I’m standing next to a pile of boxes slightly taller than myself, which contain almost every game I own. Next to it is a much scarrier pile of electronics, gizmos and such that I’ve collected over the years.

Now that I’ve made the setup. The punchline is that: I’m busy… and haven’t had time to play many new games for the NGAD project. And my gaming in general is down to once or twice a week… so I’m not having any fun without you all. Don’t feel left behind.

I apologize for the inactivity and just wanted to mention I don’t plan to abandon this blog. All I can offer as consolance is a flash game about killing zombies. No really! It’s more fun than it sounds. By night, you hold off the zombie attack and by day you look for survivors and new weapons… and you’ll need plenty of both, because all kinds of evil undead stop by to visit. Okay… maybe I’ve been playing something after all… but only for an hour.

If there’s any interest… I could spawn the “New Game of the Day” into a new blog (something I’ve been considering anyway) and making it shared, so anyone can post to it about their wacky adventures with games they’ve never played before. *shrug*


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