Just assume I’m on a world travelling vacation…

I’m still too busy to get back to get back to my NGAD project… but certainly this blog hiatus has gone on longer than I wanted (though not unfortunately longer than I expected). Part of the problem is that I keep chatting about “meaningful topics” to people in a 1-on-1 format… and once that’s done, I don’t feel like repeating myself for the benefit of my blog.

So…. since I have nothing useful to say, I’m going to start doing what a lot of bloggers do… and just post more videos that I find fun. In the offchance someone is watching this page on RSS or some other form, this will give them some updates to watch. And as for me? Well… having a video embedded gives me an easy way to share the video with friends.

Bloody Tears… what a catchy tune… no, that’s not me playing.


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