Now you’re thinking with… Macromedia

November 7, 2007

A few weeks old but I never claimed to be a news site…. in the same vein that Codename: Gordon gave a 2D version of Half-Life (not to mention DOOM 2D), there’s a 2D version of Portal…. free and in flash at Newsgrounds

I’m beginning to suspect that Portal and it’s flash ilk is a puzzle game… in that I’m scratching my head and stuck… comeon I don’t play videogames to think! oh wait… mustn’t admit to that.

And as always… if you’re drooling over Portal but haven’t got enough $ to buy it for some unknown reason… the game that inspired it, Narbacular Drop remains freeware.



November 6, 2007

I forget what I was googling for when I came across this… because it made such an impact that my jaw dropped and it became the most important thing on my screen. This is amazing… but not in a good way. This link goes to an archived forum thread (originally in the forums) with pictures(!) about a VERY cluttered house and a mom who doesn’t throw anything away.

It’s obvious that to reach clutter this large there are some… mental issues. There are people like this living in my own city but to have a tour and narrative of it… is just something remarkable.

Still, considering how full my own closet is, part of me respects this kind of usage of space.