Dave Berk Interviewed at GDC 2007

June 3, 2008

I’m going to start to dip my toes into some of the things I’ve been neglecting, including this blog.
In the meantime, here’s a interview with Dave Berk of Mobygames from Game Developer Conference 2007. A few months earlier I was in Montreal for MIGS 2006 and I can assure you the soundbytes were similar ;). At the moment, Dave has gone off to concentrate on some other activities including Hellgate: London. I’m posting it on my blog mainly because I wanted an easy way to link back to this. It functions as a decent video I can give to people when they ask ME what Mobygames is all about.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=529946&dest=-1]


Hand drawn NES tutorial

January 23, 2008

Still alive. Still trying to sort out my life. And still unfortunately feeling guilty about all the electricity my computer, tv and playstation use.

In the meantime, maybe someone wanted a tutorial on how to draw a NES in Photoshop? There’s plenty of other tutorials on the same site.

Apocalyptic Fear Mongering

December 4, 2007

So as a direct result of my last post, I’m now reading a book on anxiety disorder, will probably be seeking more professional help and continue feeling generally “down”. I did find come across an interesting article on psychology of Y2K doomsaying (the last major panic) , which isn’t to say that Climate Change isn’t real or important…. I’m just saying that the worrying that I’m feeling is not unique to myself or this situation.

Now you’re thinking with… Macromedia

November 7, 2007

A few weeks old but I never claimed to be a news site…. in the same vein that Codename: Gordon gave a 2D version of Half-Life (not to mention DOOM 2D), there’s a 2D version of Portal…. free and in flash at Newsgrounds

I’m beginning to suspect that Portal and it’s flash ilk is a puzzle game… in that I’m scratching my head and stuck… comeon I don’t play videogames to think! oh wait… mustn’t admit to that.

And as always… if you’re drooling over Portal but haven’t got enough $ to buy it for some unknown reason… the game that inspired it, Narbacular Drop remains freeware.


November 6, 2007

I forget what I was googling for when I came across this… because it made such an impact that my jaw dropped and it became the most important thing on my screen. This is amazing… but not in a good way. This link goes to an archived forum thread (originally in the somethingawful.com forums) with pictures(!) about a VERY cluttered house and a mom who doesn’t throw anything away.

It’s obvious that to reach clutter this large there are some… mental issues. There are people like this living in my own city but to have a tour and narrative of it… is just something remarkable.

Still, considering how full my own closet is, part of me respects this kind of usage of space.

Pre-October posting

September 27, 2007

Just a quick update. My whole month of December was spent away from the communities I’m associated with. People everywhere are missing me I’m sure (the ones who noticed anyway). What I had originally described as a “few weeks away” had blossomed into a full month of not having time to work on this stuff. Considering how badly I’ve guesstimated time for other activities (cleaning, driving, standing in line paying bills etc.) this seems on par.

In any case, I hope to get the New Game a Day project going again soon… because quite frankly, I enjoy playing random stuff (and watching random movies for that matter, I’d probably do more random books, but the time investment takes too long) of which I have no preconceptions or even a good idea of what it’s going to be about. On that note I notice there’s a “random game” feature at Aeropause. So maybe I’m not the only one.

Also, Happy Birthday.

Very delayed “I’m not dead yet” post.

April 30, 2007

This is the standard “I’m not dead yet, please don’t stop visiting!” post that appears sometimes on blogs that have been inactive for some time. As I write this, I’m standing next to a pile of boxes slightly taller than myself, which contain almost every game I own. Next to it is a much scarrier pile of electronics, gizmos and such that I’ve collected over the years.

Now that I’ve made the setup. The punchline is that: I’m busy… and haven’t had time to play many new games for the NGAD project. And my gaming in general is down to once or twice a week… so I’m not having any fun without you all. Don’t feel left behind.

I apologize for the inactivity and just wanted to mention I don’t plan to abandon this blog. All I can offer as consolance is a flash game about killing zombies. No really! It’s more fun than it sounds. By night, you hold off the zombie attack and by day you look for survivors and new weapons… and you’ll need plenty of both, because all kinds of evil undead stop by to visit. Okay… maybe I’ve been playing something after all… but only for an hour.

If there’s any interest… I could spawn the “New Game of the Day” into a new blog (something I’ve been considering anyway) and making it shared, so anyone can post to it about their wacky adventures with games they’ve never played before. *shrug*